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Clear PPF

In Cornwall

Paint Protection Film

Paint Protection Film is usually a transparent, ultra-thin layer of self-healing TPU that acts as an invisible shield for your car. We do that, and More

Benefits of PPF

The advantages of PPF:


  • Protecting minor abrasions can have a significant effect on a vehicles visual external condition, & its value. PPF Protects against those damages.

  • Adaptability, be it a colour change or a sheer Satin or Matt finish, the process offers the chance to redesign your car.

  • Flexibility, Application can be done partially or fully, offering varied plans, and we also offer a free collection or drop-off service as part of the package.

  • Longevity: Long-term Results: A wrapped vehicle is more likely to be able to defend itself against car park dings, stone chips,  and hedge rash due to the self-healing nature of PPF.

  • Confidence: With a minimum of 10 years Warranty you can be 100% confident in our films giving long term protection so you can simply enjoy your vehicle whilst maintaining your investment.


PPFs that are available from us

The Ultimate selection of Paint Protection Films in Liskeard Cornwall

matte PPF
windshield film
Sunroof Film
color ppf
headlight film

We recognise that your car is yours, which means the style, look and feel of it is important to you. Our dedicated service in Liskeard aims to defend this, applying protective products in a way which keeps your car the way you know it. With part or full wrap available, taking between two to five days, our service can be customised to suit your vehicle, with a ten-year warranty on colour or texture PPF and a lifetime warranty on clear PPF. As the only company in the area offering clear and colour options, our PPF service is distinct, providing you with the chance to shield your vehicle from damage exclusively when it comes to car detailing in Liskeard. 

Why not Book Now for a free no obligation Quote 

Book a free visit to our Studio or we can come to you and discuss the benefits and showcase the self healing characteristics of PPF and see for yourself what its all about and discuss options.

PPF Clear packages start from £900 for front end protection to full vehicle PPF wraps starting from £3100

Applying it flawlessly gives your vehicle a built-in shield, equipping it with discreet coverage. At JC Details in Liskeard, we recognise the importance of care. Our craft is precise, and we aim for perfection. As registered and approved detailers of PPF applications, we prioritise a way of working that positions your car at the centre, applying treatment to it exclusively to protect expensive paintwork. We aim to enhance the longevity of your automotive investment by offering customised safety solutions that guarantee optimal defence.

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