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Valeting & Car Cleaning In Liskeard

Cleaning, Restoration & Maintenance

Car Valeting In Our Studio or Mobile In Liskeard and Surrounding Areas

We will expertly clean and decontaminate your vehicle using high quality products from industry leaders to ensure your car is showroom ready. We offer a number of services to meet every budget and requirement and are also more than happy to create a custom service to exactly meet your needs. Add extras such as engine bay details wheel deep cleans.


We also offer on going Maintenance washing services to ensure your vehicle remains looking great.

Car Valeting packages from £25


Alloy Wheels Cleaned 

Wheel Arches Cleaned

Snow Foam Power Wash

2 Bucket Safe Hand Wash

Hand dry

Tyres Dressed

Detail Spray Finish

Basic Valet

Maintenance Wash  Packages From £48

Maintenance packages are suited towards regular washing between 2 to 4 weeks. We are more than happy to offer these services to non regular clients but we do advise our Valeting services to those requiring deep cleaning as this service does not cover deep cleaning. All Bookings of 6 months or longer maintenance packages receive a full deep clean on first visit and a System X Renew Ceramic spray coating every 3 months we also offer a multi car discount.

Maintenance Wash Package


Alloy Wheels Cleaned

Wheel Arches Cleaned

Citrus pre wash

Snow Foam Power Wash

2 Bucket Safe Hand Wash

Hand Dry

Dress All Trim

Tyres Dressed

Hydrophobic Detailing Spray

(System X Renew Ceramic Spray Every 3 Months) 



Rubbish Removed

Mats Removed And Cleaned 

Carpets vacuumed Inc Boot

Seats Spot Cleaned and Vacuumed or Brushed for Leather.

All Interior Surfaces Cleaned and Dressed

Glass Cleaned


The Benefits of Our Professional Car Valet in Liskeard

Car valeting services offer a myriad of benefits. For the interior of the car, they ensure a fresh and comfortable driving environment, keeping it free from dust and allergens, as well as providing softer materials with the care they need to extend their longevity. For the exterior, the focus on protection provides a reliable shield against the elements, guarding against paint damage and corrosion, while also preventing future deterioration. Overall, a valuable car clean offers immediate visual gratification, allowing you to feel pride and satisfaction for your vehicle as well as the knowledge that the detail applied during the valeting process has input long-term benefits for your vehicle’s condition and value.

Liskeard Valeting Services

We work on your car fully, to your requirements, caring for your vehicle by focusing on its different areas:




  • Cleaning: We work on the dashboard, consoles, windows, mirrors and air vents to polish and remove streaks.

  • Vacuuming: We use powerful vacuum cleaners to effectively remove dust and debris from floor mats and upholstery.

  • Shampooing: We deep clean fabric seats and carpets by applying a specialised shampoo which effectively removes stains while revitalising the material.

  • Conditioning: We treat leather surfaces with a gentle cleanser to remove dirt, then apply a bespoke treatment to preserve suppleness.

  • Neutralisation: We address any lingering odours by using rectifying products to leave the interior smelling clean.

  • Detailing: We pay attention to door handles, gear shifts and intricate components to guarantee a clean environment across the entire interior.




  • Treating: We apply a pre-wash solution to loosen and lift surface dirt, preparing the vehicle for a thorough cleaning.

  • Cleaning: We use high-quality shampoo and soft mitts to prevent scratching, ensuring a meticulous and gentle process inclusive of mirrors, windows, wheels and tires.

  • Polishing: We polish the paintwork to remove minor imperfections and restore shine.

  • Waxing: We apply a protective wax sealant to enhance gloss and shield against harsh environmental elements.

  • Trimming: We pay attention to trim, badges and emblems, ensuring they are attended to consciously for a neat overall finish.

  • Inspecting: We conduct a final survey of the vehicle to ensure the entire exterior meets our professional standards.

System x Max ceramic coating

Fully Mobile Service also available

Fully insured mobile service, we will provide cover for the vehicle if undercover is not available on site.  We provide our own power and De-ionised water supply so we can operate in any location to suit your requirements.



Want to know more?

Tel: 07588346358

Unit 18 Plymouth Road, Liskeard,

Cornwall, PL14 3PG

Serving Cornwall and South Devon

Talk to Our Team About Valeting, Car Detailing & Car Cleaning Services

Liskeard, Car cleaning is our expertise. We operate an open booking system and policy to ensure our services can be tailored to you. Whether it’s a full clean or intimate deep care for a particular area, we work skilfully to deliver a first-rate standard of care. Call us to book your car for a comprehensive and reliable car valet in Liskeard.

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